Frequently Asked Questions about Wimbledon

Frequently asked questions about The Championships, Wimbledon

Wimbledon Tennis tickets

When will I receive my tickets?
All tickets are sent out 10 days before the date of play at the latest. If you live in the UK, your Centre Court seats and debenture badges will be sent to you by Royal Mail Special delivery post.
If you are travelling to the UK for Wimbledon, we will hand-deliver your seats to your hotel/London address, in time for your arrival in the UK.
How are my tickets delivered to me?
We prefer to deliver tickets to an address in the UK. If you live or are staying in Central London, your tickets will be hand-delivered to your address/hotel, in time for your arrival. All other Wimbledon tickets are sent out at least 10 days before the date of play.
I would prefer my tickets to be delivered to me at my address in the States (or Worldwide). Is this possible ?
We would very much prefer to deliver your Wimbledon tickets to you in the UK, as if your tickets are lost in transit (ie. by Fedex, UPS etc.), it can be difficult to re-issue your Wimbledon tickets at short notice. Any re-issue will incur administrative charges, and may involve the client queueing up at the debenture box office on the day of play, with appropriate identity.
Can I specify exact seat locations?
The exact seat locations are only available when the tickets are sent out by the All England Lawn Tennis Ground, at the end of May, just a few weeks preceding the Championships. This is the same for all companies offering Centre Court debenture seats, and for all Wimbledon Centre Court debenture holders.
The seats are guaranteed to be in the first 14 rows of the elevated stand around Centre Court (ie. in excellent positions).
As we have access to many debenture seats on each day of the Wimbledon fortnight. we can normally provide seats in or close to favoured positions (for example, behind the server, or on one of the sides of the Court etc).
Please specify your preferred location/staircases around the Centre Court when ordering your Wimbledon tickets, and we will do our best to allocate you seats in or close to your preferred location.
Do you sell ground passes or any other Wimbledon seats?
We only sell Centre Court debenture tickets for Wimbledon.
For information on Public Ballot tickets, LTA Ballot tickets, ground passes, queuing on the day and other entrance tickets to Wimbledon, please refer to the official Wimbledon website:
What exactly are Centre Court 'Debenture' seats?
A series of Centre Court 'Debentures' are issued each five years by the AELTC. In return for a nominal loan and premium debenture holders are entitled to an excellent seat on Centre Court (currently in the first 14 rows of the elevated stand around the Centre Court), for each day of the Championships, for 5 years (the duration of the series). The money raised by the issue of the debenture series, is used by the AELTC to improve the grounds and facilities for everyone at Wimbledon. For example, money raised from the issue of the 2006-10 Centre Court debenture series funded (amongst other things) the cost of the new retractable roof on Centre Court, and improved Centre Court Debenture Holders' facilities.
How can I apply for Public Ballot tickets for Wimbledon?
Send an SAE (stamped addressed envelope) to:
AELTG, PO BOX 98, Church Road, Wimbledon, SW19 5AE. Applications for the Ballot form must be received by the AELTG by mid-December, and the form itself must be returned by the end of December in the year that preceeds the Championships. For further details, please refer to the official web site.
Can I reserve a single Wimbledon seat, or an odd number of Wimbledon seats?
As Wimbledon debenture tickets are normally supplied in multiples of two, in cases where an order is placed for an odd number of Centre Court debenture tickets (eg. a single seat, or three seats together, etc.) reserves the right to make a surcharge if left with a single Wimbledon debenture ticket, which is difficult to sell. This surcharge will be no more than 25 per cent of the original single ticket price as advertised on this website, at the date that the booking is made.We will do everything we can to sell the other single seat, and advise you when/if the extra seat(s) are sold.


What is the Dress Code for Centre Court debenture ticket holders?
The dress code for admittance into the Debenture Lounge is 'smart casual'. In particular, no jeans, shorts, collarless shirts or trainers (sneakers) are acceptable


How can I obtain a Debenture Car Park pass?
Debenture Car park passes, for Car Park 8 (situated on Church Road, next to the Debenture Holders' entrance, Gate 4) can be purchased, for approximately £30 per car, per day. We can only obtain Debenture Parking passes if they are purchased before the end of March preceding the Wimbledon Championships, and preferably, at the same time that your Wimbledon tickets are purchased.


Do you offer hotel accommodation with your Wimbledon tickets?
We do not offer complete packages with Centre Court tickets, although we can advise customers about hotels and accommodation in Central London and the Wimbledon area

Please refer back to the FAQ page from time to time, as we intend to update and improve it as more questions are asked and answered!


Wimbledon tickets

Your debenture seats will be adjacent. Up to 8 Centre Court Debenture seats can be supplied in a row. Centre Court Wimbledon tickets from TennisBoxOffice are favourably price-checked with other Wimbledon tennis ticket brokers, who offer similar debenture tickets to Wimbledon. We are one of few brokers able to offer seating in blocks for groups.

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Boris Becker chats to guests at Wimbledon. He has won the Gentlemen's Singles Championship three times (1985, 1986 & 1989).

Wimbledon debenture tickets are excellent Wimbledon tickets!

Each Centre Court debenture ticket comes with an individually numbered Debenture Holders' Lounge Badge, entitling the bearer entry into the Debenture holders' Lounge (exclusively for those with Debenture Wimbledon tickets).

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In 2018, Wimbledon debenture ticket holders will benefit from five recently developed restaurant and bar areas. Exclusively for the use of Centre Court debenture ticket holders they are built into the Centre Court complex.

Centre Court now has a retractable roof, ensuring maximum play on each day of The Championships, even in the rain!

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